In the beginning

This page has pictures of my 1937 Buick Special.

Daisy 03 Daisy 064

A car rotisseri sure comes in handy. I have been scraping the sound deadener off the inside do the roof. What a mess but sure is easier with the rotisseri.

This isn't good

Daisy 065 Daisy 066 Daisy 067 Daisy 068

I removed the rear axle from the frame and when the torque tube laid on the ground water started pouring out.

It kept pouring out, it didn't seem like it wanted to stop.

The gears have a nice layer of rust with some pitting. You would never had known there was problem the the wheels spun. Once I took the broken brake hardware out they spun nice and smooth.

You can see whare the water level was, it's kind of neat, kind of like the mineral ledges you see in caves.

Daisy 069 Daisy 070

A couple of more pictures of the gears. I think it might be time for plan "B". I have an axle from a recently restored 1940 Buick Coupe. It has a longer torque tube, I'll have to see if I can make it work.

UPDATE:Plan B is not going to work. I consulted with a well known Buick expert and he informed me that I could not swap gear sets between the '40 and the '37. Now onto plan C, finding a new, used rear axle from a '37 or '38 Buick. If that doesn't pan out then it's onto plan D, graphing the end of the '37 torque tube onto the '40 axle. This is a procedure I don't really want to do.


First official parts car, a 1937 Buick Limited, the biggest of the Buick models.

Daisy 071 Daisy 072 Daisy 073 Daisy 074

Had some help putting the Limited on the trailer. It had not wheels which was a bit of a challenge.

It's rough but there are some useful parts, unfortunately, most parts from a Limited won't fit a Special. I plan to use this car a trading stock to get the parts I need for my Special.

Daisy 075 Daisy 076 Daisy 077 Daisy 078

I was able to make a deal to swap parts from the Limited for much needed parts for the Special. I spent a few days tearing the Limited down to get at the needed parts. Unfortunely, the parts I could not swap will be taken to the scrap dealer. I hate scrapping useable iron but I can't keep everything.

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