Bonus Built Headliner

On one of the truck sites I regularly visit a member requested a pattern for a headliner for his Bonus Built truck. Two other members, Terry Robinson a.k.a. Overkill-F1 and Ross Collord a.k.a. ALBUQ F-1, responded by taking pictures and tracing a stock headliner for a pattern. The following pictures show the different parts of the headliner with notes and dimensions. The  .pdf  file can be down loaded and printed full size on an commercial plotter printer, which is usually available at local commercial printer like Kinkos or OfficeMax.

Download .pdf file by clicking  HERE.   Click on a picture below to bring up a larger image in a separate window.

NOTE: This pattern is for a 1951-52 cab, the pattern will have to be altered slightly for the 1948-50 to accommodate the smaller back widow. For the '48-50 models the corner pieces will have to be lengthened and there is a thin filler panel above and below the rear window.

Last updated on September 27, 2007