My 1949 F-2 Pickup Story

before & after


My dad bought my F-2 pickup in 1969 to use in his auto repair business. My dad looked at a lot of truck in his search for the right truck. I can still remember the day he bought it. I sat in the car as my dad talked to owner and I though, "Want a piece of junk". It was painted a multitude of different colors of primer and paint. When my dad came back into the car he annouced, "I bought a truck!". I thought, "You've got to be kidding". It didn't take long before dad had it covered in one solid coat of black paint out of spray can. My dad used it for the next four years in his business. One day I saw a "For Sale" sign posted in his shop office. I started reading it and realized he was selling "my" truck. I got upset and tore up the sign. I spent every vacation day I could with my dad, helping out where I could . Many hours were spent riding in the Ford back and forth to work and on service calls.

Finally my dad went out of business and got a job working for someone else. He kept the truck but with faster, modern traffic the old truck couldn't keep up so my dad bought another car and parked the Ford on the side of the driveway leaving it there to die a slow rusty death for eight years. I pulled it from the side of the drive way in the early 1980s and started my first amateurish restoration. I tore the truck down to the frame and started rebuilding it. I patched the truck together as best as I could and got it about half done, enough to drive it for a summer but then I put it in dry storage for another eight years. After I got married my wife saw a retired 1950 F-7 firetruck, with just 3000 miles, sitting in a gas station in a small town to the north of house. I bought the firetruck and used the cab and started another restoration. This time I replaced all of the sheet metal including the cab, fenders, running boards and box. I had to patch the original rear fender and tailgate, I could not find decent replacements. The replace box wasn't in the best condition but it was better than the original.

Currently I have had this truck on the road since about 1998. Unfortunately, my dad passed away before I could get the truck in it's current driveable condition. I am sure he would have liked how it turned out. I still feel his presence in the truck everytime I get into it.

My future plans are to replace the box, again. I found a nicer box from New Mexico that I will fix up and install onto the truck. I also have a rare, original factory radio that is waiting to be installed.

Bob Jones

'49 F-2 Ford pickup
'48/51 F-4 Ford flatbed '48 F-1 Ford panel
'49 ford 8N
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