1948 to 1952 Ford Panel Truck Running Board


The running boards for a F-1 Ford panel truck are the same as the running boards from a Ford F-1 to a F-6 conventional cab truck with a factory flat bed,with a minor alteration. The pickup trucks have one extra running board bracket. The pickup brackets for all three models, F-1 through F-3 are the same but are shorter than the ones on panel trucks, cab only trucks and trucks fitted with flatbeds.

When the boards from a panel truck and a flatbed truck are compared side by side the only difference is that Ford cut a notch out of the back of the boards and installed a sheet metal brace. The cut seems rather crude and so does the tack weld holding the bracket to the board. I think anyone could do the same modification of the same or better quality.

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Running Board-Front Running Board-Rear Running Board-Bottom

These pictures show a comparison between a running board from a F-5 truck and a F-1 panel truck. Click on a picture to see a larger view.

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I took the deminsions from the bracket on the bottom of the panel truck running board I had. I got the measurements as close as possible but they may not be exact so, I suggest you test fit as you go along. One way to do it is to make a cardboard template and then transfer to sheet metal. You will have to reverse the precedure to make the opposite side.

Information about the panel truck and pickup truck running board brackets

The brackets for panel trucks are different than the ones used on F-1 pickups. Panel trucks have two brackets on each side. F-1, F-2 and F-3 pickups have three on each side. The panel truck brackets are longer than the pickups, these, as with the running boards, are the same as the flat bed trucks.

Running Board Brackets

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