Parts Truck Hall of Fame

These are a few trucks I have bought for parts over the years. Although I have been able to use or sell most of the useable parts I still have some parts left from these truck, but not many. If you are in need of parts e-mail me and I will see if I have the part you need. As that I am in the "Rust Belt" I do not have any body parts but a few mechanical parts. Check my parts page for some of the parts I have available.

1948 F-4
Used the grill section and front bumper

1949 F-2
Brake system parts

1950 F-7
Used the cab-This truck was an ex-fire truck with only 3000 miles


1948 F-1
Used the roof for the panel truck

1952 F-5

1949 F-6
Hopefully I can use the floor and running boards for the panel


1952 F-3
This one had the doors before I took this picture. It came out of a stone quarry, it looks like it was in a demo derby.

1952 F-5
I had the seller cut the truck in half so I would not have the hassle of trying to get rid of the rear half of the truck. The cab and doors are pretty nice.

1949 F-2
I bought this truck for the box. The person I bought it from brought from New Mexico and wanted the cab for a F-1 street rod he was building.


1949 F-2 flatbed
This had a junk engine but was a decent truck although it needed a lot of work. I sold the flatbed to a person who was looking for a Ford script bed for his truck.


Last updated on April 25, 2009