As was mentioned in the preceding page the Ford Barn uses a simple bullentin board.

Below is the step by step procedure to post on the Ford Barn site, and other boards like it.

First the image you want to post has to be already posted on the internet somewhere. Many sites with discussion boards have galleries that you can upload pictures to(This will be discussed below). You can also upload your images on websites that will allow you to do it for free like PhotoBucket, do web search for a "free image host". You can also use the precedure below to use images from current web sites. Make sure the web sites you are posting images from will allow you to do so or they may get upset if the image is copy righted.

Right click on the image and click on "Properties"

After the Properties widow pops up highlight and copy the URL of the image

Either click on "[POST YOUR MESSAGE]" or "[New Subject]" at the top of the page or click on the post you want to add to. One the page that pops up you will get a set of widow to fill in the information:

Type , with two sets of quotation marks:

Next paste the URL of the image you copied in between the two sets of quotation marks:
NOTE: The URL has to be entered exactly, no variations, check for capital or missing letters or numbers, missed charactors,extra spacing.

To post multiple images enter additional coding as you did above:

Enter you message before or after your image, click on "Post Message" and your message and image will posted on the board.


Last updated on January 1, 2008