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Ford Two Piece Rims

If you have a 1948 to late '50, early '60s Ford F-3, F-350 and up truck please read this page. It is very important that you understand the danger you may have at the end of your axles.
Parts Interchange
This chart has parts listed that interchange between the of Ford Bonus Built trucks, 1948-52.
Panel truck running boards
Describes how to modify short running boards from a conventional truck to fit a panel truck.
Vintage Style Mirror
Describes how to make stock type door mirror brackets and vintage looking mirrors.
Power Port
Describes how to install a power port in a negative ground 6 volt vehicle so you can power a GPS and charge a cell phone.
Bonus Built Cab Headliner
Pattern for making your own Bonus Built cab headliner.
Shifting a non-syncro transmission
Describes how to shift, and up and down, a non-syncronized transmission.
Ford 9" Swap
Describes how to swap an Ford 9" rear axle under a '48-52 Ford F-1.
Posting pictures on the internet
Describes how to post pictures on internet discussion boards.
Ford script flatbed drawing Detailed drawing for a Ford script flatbed.
Disc brake conversion Procedure and parts necessary to convert front drum brakes on a 1948-52 F-2 / F-3 truck to disc brakes.
Home brew penetrating oil Comparison of commercial penetrating oils and a home brew mixture.
Lower Cost Rust Encapsulator Comparison of automotive rust encapsulator to industrial coatings.
1948-52 Body swap onto newer Ford chassis Detail instruction on how to swap a '48-52 Ford truck body onto a newer chassis. This is a very long article, four pages, with many pictures.
Rebuilding motor mounts Rebuild your hard to find motor mounts using a urethane polymer. Save $$$ over sending them out to have them revulcanized.
Manitowoc 2 post
Lift Literature
Literature I got with my Manitowoc CCP-90 asymmetrical two post lift.

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Last updated on April 22, 2010