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Thx for the info!!
Eddie Mahon <>
Plano, Tx USA -
love 1948 onwards ford f1 pick ups would love to hear form anyone with pictures ect of the old classics
jim morrison <>
edinburgh, scotland -
Hi, I just found your website, Its Fantastic!. I just bought a 1950 Ford F-3/Boyertown Body. This was one of the 2200 Trucks ordered by the U.S. Post Office back in 1950. There is one in the Postal Museum in Washington DC, and One in the Boyertown Truck Museum in Boyertown PA. As I write, my drop center wheels are being sandblasted and powdercoated. If the locking area looks good after blasting and paint they will be used. I know they are a problem, but before I picked the truck up, I had ordered 17" tires from Coaker tire along with the tubes and flaps for a total of around $900.00. If I would have known at the time of the danger of these wheels, I would have looked for 16" one piece wheel. I have been told that if the wheel is sound in that locking area, they should be OK. Thanks for a "Great Website" I will be back often. Tom Murray, "Old Fords Forever"
Tom Murray <>
Saint Paul, Mn USA -
fixen up 1952 F1 olds powered 350 auto on floor
mike roy <>
Townsend, Ma USA -
I am a fan of fat fendered ford trucks. I have a 48 f4, and a 50 f5 coe.I love the web sight, and thanks for helping us all. Mike
mike eastman <janee@ netscape .com>
n. smithfield, r.i USA -
hiya bob .. i see you got the light fixed ...........
kevin troesch <>
spfld, il USA -
very thankful for info
ken hughes
ar. USA -
I have a 48 Flatbed F-1 pick-up
David <>
SAlem, OR USA -
conrad <>
Cary, nc USA -
Cool site, cool trucks. I own over 20 Ford trucks from the 40's to the 70's, Including two '42 Ford Marmon-Herrington two tons. Long live the flathead. Peace
Jeff Mesler
Detroit, MI USA -
Great web-site and thanks for the memories ! I'm preserving/resroring a '51 Ford schoolbus.
Ron Maki <>
Like your website and we are looking forward to seeing your fat fenders in person.
Bill & Jean Mixon <>
Hartsville, SC USA -
I'm restoring a 52 F-1
Roy Hill <>
Four Oaks, NC USA -
Like you site
Jerry Smith <>
Morristown, TN USA -
Hey Bob, We just spoke via e-mail and I clicked on your link. I had already found your site prior. Small world. Great site. I look forward to speaking w you.
Ryan Radosta <>
Germantown, WI USA -
Great site and info!! I have a 1948 f-2 that I would like to restore. Truck is actualy very solid with the accption for fenders. Do you have any recomendations as to were I may be able to find some?
Jeff Leprevost <>
Lee, Ma USA -
Thanks for all the helpful info.If any one is interested I am selling my 1950 panel van F1,all original-( including the flathead and transmission).Rust is not bad-easy restoration,looking for $3,650 Thanks again,John
John <>
Rock Hill, MO USA -
nice site
benji hill <>
gonzales, tx USA -
wheres the pic of the f2?
DEAR sir/ma We specialize on ford automobile , which is meant for sale at a reasonable price.they are all in good perfect condition.but how much are you ready to offer for this.payment accepted Western union,,Bank transfer.we have branches in Texas, California,Usa.please include your shipment location,personal phone can mail us back so that we can negotiate ok.We were asked to contact you through the website board of directors and customer care.we await for your mail. EDITOR"S NOTE: HUH?! What is the crap? I'll leave it up for a while for other to see what kind of morons are out there
steve clarke <>
San Antonio, Texas USA -
Nice site.
Frank A Quaid
my father in law had a 1953 f100 with a 239 flathead and 3 on the tree, i'm was just trying to find it, because i would like to see it again. we had sold it after his passing to a individual(older) in thunder bay who had said he wanted it to cruise in....but within a few days it was up for sale everywhere, gave the buyer a good price only to be jilted to have him sell it for a profit. would like to see it now...the truck had belonged to al orr....thanks scott.
scott suchocky <>
thunder bay, on canada -
Nice web site...
where can i find a valve for a 1950 ford f4 flat head six
mack <>
elgin, sc USA -
I Need help finding replacement steel rims (17" 8-lug) for my 1948 F3 Ford Truck.
Michael Goldsby <>
Montgomery, TX USA -
Liked the Divco
Liz <>
Longiew, wa USA -
Great to see so many interested in the old trucks
Rudy Mortensen <>
Sacramento, Ca USA -
I have a 1952 f-1 panel and am going to put a 1980 4x4 bronco frame underneath the original body - any advise would be appreciated thanks doug
Douglas Neal <>
whitney, tx USA -
Trying to fix up my 71 F100 floor panels....rusted out bad. Looking for tips to replace the panels so they line up well with the cab mounts which are in good shape. Rubber mounts seem to go up into the flat portion under the truck (what is left of the flat portion). The inside of the floor looks like an easy fix with sheet metal, roofing cement and rivets...sound fair? It is the external portion that concerns me most as the left quarter panel behind the wheel well is dropping away from the top of the front fender. I believe this is because the floor is sagging past the cab mount. Sound possible? I am thinking I need to support the cab from underneath and jack it up a few inches before making a replacement piece of sheet metal to re-create the external portion of the floor. The left side is worse than the right, but both sides need replacement. Your pictures were great. Wish I could weld like that. All I have is a 110 gasless mig welder and I can't seem to do much with it, but keep trying. Thinking of trying my hand at a small stick welder. My welds have a lot of splatter and dont flow for shit. Probably as much my fault as cheap equipment. Any tips on the repair would be appreciated. Thanks for listening if nothing else.
Mike Leland <>
Fountaintown, IN USA -
48 f6
mark myers <>
clovis, nm USA -
currently own a 1948 ford beet truck flat 6 and a 1950 ford flat 8. I found you looking for solutions on my rim swap for the '48 being 2 piece rims which i have seen the damage they can do first hand and wanted to get rid of them before i drive it around.
shaun jones <>
denver, co USA -
1948 F6000 FLAT HEAD v8, 12' FLATBED DUMP, 2spd reer end. allways kept in a barn. all the original tools are there, original floor mats and head liner, hope get it running on wednesday 4-23-08. what size flatheads did they put in these trucks?
randy bradford <>
longview, wa USA -
I own a 48 Panel which has turned into too much fun. Was an investment and now is a favorite toy.
Jay Krull <>
Kings Mountain, NC USA -
Almost complete restoration on 51 ford truck F1
Barbara Deanda Pugh <>
Baytown, Tx USA -
Thanks for the info on interchangable parts I have been trying to find out so I can fix mine. I have a picture gallary on ford truck enthusiasts.
Kim Campbell aka "kim1949" <>
Bismarck, mo USA -
hello everybody
james edward <>
ny, ny USA -
looking for speedo cable form stock ford speedoto gm transmission
john moore <>
jefferson, oh USA -
51 F6 Flat Bed Dump
Sam Nixon III <>
Bumpass, VA USA -
Enjoyed looking at your site, I will return as I am starting my project,1950 f5 fire engine.Thanks Ed
I just happened onto your web site. I will keep it in the hopes that some day I will find my 1939 - 1947 Ford COE!
Mike Celona <>
East Boston, MA USA -
Very nice site. Thanks for posting it.
Dick Doria <>
Wi USA -
you need a up to date pic of my panel, lol, How are things going?
Scott Bokath The Wizard <>
really a nice website with lots of cool trucks , nice pics and info. Very friendly to use as well. Nice work Bob. Jon (CIAF)
Jon <>
adams, co USA -
Do you sell parts 1970 Ford F-250
James Smith <>
lake Elsinore92530, Ca URiversideSA -
Great informative site, I do like the bumperstickers on your home page!!
Ken Cummins <>
Oak Grove, M0 USA -
Enjoyed your site, will soon be back, I have a 51 F-1 project truck, and looking to replace the damaged hood, if anyone has one available, contact me with information, and pictures if possible
Dennis <>
Morris County, NJ USA -
nice page lots of info! looking for a300e thames panel to restore can you help? thankes
Tim Capparelle <>
bellefonte, pa USA -
First time to visit this site
David Bales
Blue Springs, MO USA -
Old yella completeley original 1949 F2 with staraigth 6 with a 4 speed manual and 8' bed. Trying to upgrade gearbox to a 4 speed syncro standard on the F6 and above. Great Site. Regards Bob
Bob How <>
Watford, Herts Uk -
i am rebuilding a1948 f1 nost of the trucks that came to nz were flat beds i am converting mine to a wellside but finding rear fenders or guards as we call them is a nightmare could you let me know how hard they they to find in the states no problem with if they are untidy cheers nick
nick bensdorp <lynic@ >
ashburton , new zealand -
1950 F2 with flathead V8 and four speed transmission
Scott Wymer <>
Allen, TX USA -
great information, keep on truckin!
michael <>
id USA -
I have both a 1934 Model BB Ford and a 1952 F-5 Ford Trucks and am always lloking for answers to my problems. These boys have kept my mind thinking at times, but I love them.
K. Joe Godwin <>
Elkins, WV USA -
have 50 ford pu front axel w/springs and steering box and hubs ,some other parts.
waco, tx USA -
We have a blue 48 F6 that we used as a Grain Truck for a lot of years. Has a nice Omaha Standard Bed with steel sides on it. She has been sitting covered in the Machine shed for close to 20 years now. It has its original Transmission and 2 speed rearend. The Engine is now a 50's Y block. It was always a good solid truck. I hope to try to get it started again this year.
Brian Rubright <>
Spokane, WA USA -
we have a 1948 f-5 M/H 4x4 with a snogo snow blower on it the truck has only 775 original miles on it.
andrew <>
lake hiawatha, nj USA -
have 54 m100 deluxe
angus <>
edmonton, alberta canada -
I'm the owner of a 54 modified Mercury truck. Looking forward to viewing your web site
John Bratland <>
Edmonton, alb Canada -
My son and I are about to put a wood bed in our '51 F1 and are new to restoring . We need to add cross members but are not sure were they should go .
mark zertanna <>
hillsboro, Ore USA -
cool site.
Drew Phillips <>
I own a 50 F1 that belonged to my Great Grandpa.My dad gave it to me in 1976 and I drove it for a couple of years before I parked it thinking I was going to restore it. Bad call!!!!! I now have the truck at a local restoration shop. Hoping to get it back by Chritmas 2008.
Mike Holcomb <>
Crawford, Tx USA -
Excellent site that i will put on my favorites-and must say that i agree with the comments---thanks for the good hour of reading.-Terry
Terry Bruley <>
Thunder Bay, Ont Canada -
I once had a 51 model. GUYMAN DE HERE O
Great Site. I grew up with these old trucks.My grandfather had a 50 F-1 V/8 with Floor shift My dad owned a 53 also with a V/8 and 3 on the 'tree'.'Hope to have one of my own some day. Keep up the good work,, M.....
Michael W. Paulin <>
Newport , Tn. USA -
very nice site to ponder
Leo Goll <>
blissfield, mi USA -
Thought I was The only crazy one to own a fat fendered truck. Ihave a 48 F1 P/w brakes stearing cruise and all the rest. Have a nice day. Enjoyed looking through the trucks Joe
Joseph E Smith <samondip57>
Machesney Park, IL USA -
looking for steerig box for my 1950 fi pickup
joseph LaPointe <>
i am building a 55 f 100 show and shine and i am also chop channeling sectioning a 48 f-1 pannel and i have a 49 pannel love the site and all the pictures gonna try to have both at back to the 50s at mn state fair ground this summer thanks
lee kreyer <>
stanchfield, mn USA -
just bought 1949 coe and would like to find Info on It and some parts truck Is pretty complete I will be removing original running gear to be sold I am looking for info on A good front axel conversion one ton preferd
harry harvey <miki>
bingen, wa USA -
I have a 51 ford. I will send you some pics of me truck. Ijust bought it and need a few items. If you have any info or suggestions I would appreciate it.
Ron Fisher <>
Lima, Oh USA -
I just bought a 1951 Ford Marmon Herrington Ranger where can I get parts and info. Thanks Terry
Terry Cooper <>
clinton, wa USA -
Hi,I like your F-1 panel. I just bought a 1950 F-1 panel off of ebay(it also did not look as good as shown in the ad but still a good deal-not great). My trip to pick it up was also 1500+ miles. I am exited to start working on it...hopefully it will be as nice as if i can just get it in the garage. Thanks Scott
Scott McPherson <>
Cincinnati, Ohio USA -
1952 f1,215 inline 6 three speed
carl moriarty <>
rathdrum, id USA -
We have a 1951 Ford F3 we would like to sale. It does run but needs some work that we can't do and we hate for it to set and go to the bad. Also have some spare body parts.
Elizabeth Scott <>
Archdale , NC USA -
I drive a 49 f-3(stock flattie 239 with non-syncro 4 speed).Also have a 46 olds 66, Maybe a 66 chev drive line to be a reliable driver for the wife.
Steve Abel <>
Utica, N.Y. USA -
hi there i have a 52 ford f1 truck and i was searching inter. and came accross this sight so i am looking at it thanks james
james willis <>
tulsa, ok USA -
1949 Fordillac Pickup
Ron Dalton <>
Jamestown, TN USA -
Always have been facinated with heavy plow trucks and snowblowers.
Michael Y. Johnston, P.E. <>
Hershey, PA USA -
Nice site, I have a '56 merc M100 pickup that I will be fixing up soon. Like to hear from others in my area with same type of trucks. Willing to trade or sell parts like original motor and drivetrain. Thanks.
Randy <>
Whitby, ONT Canada -
I've just completed a 1950 F1 and Now am starting a 1939 Ford Truck. If you can help me with any parts links, especialy running boards, please e-mail me. I want to thank you for your help with the 50 F1 last year. Bruce
Bruce Russell <>
Langley, BC Canada -
Have inherited a 1950 f2. The truck has been setting for over 25 years (grandpa's truck). I would like to restore it to everyday driving condition. Couple of questions. Do I need to swap out the front end for better ride comfort and with what. Is there a direct bolt on. Same for the rear. The truck as you cam imagine has plenty of rust and the bed floor has decinergrated. It's a long bed, I would prefer a short bed. Can that detail be converted easily ? Lastly It has a flat head 8 cylinder engine. Will this engine hold up to daily driving at today's speeds and acceleration ? Oh and what about breaks, any ideas. Listen fellas I admit I'm new at this this but committed. Any ideas, info, enlightenment would be appreciated. And what is the difference between the f1 and the f2 anyway ?
I have a '48 f-1 panel project and looking for some hinges for the right side rear door.
John Hugo <>
Temperance, Mi USA -
Greetings, A friend just purchased a 1941 Ford with a Marmon Harrington SnoGo snowblower. I see a '52 o your site owned by Ken Rowe. Do you have contact info for Ken? We need info on the snow blower so a restore can be done by next July. Thank You Dean Allen 907-451-5668
Dean Allen <>
Fairbanks, AK USA -
Nice sight. Anyone ever convert a 1950 F-3 to front disc brakes?
Brian Martella <>
Erie, CO USA -
i have a 52 that i plan to put a 351eng and a ply front end in and thought i'd check out your sight for pros and cons.
cascade, id USA -
love them trucks
howard busby <>
quinton, alabama USA -
Nice collection of trucks, just curiuos what is your profession?
ricksta <>
Northampton, MA USA -
I have a f3 1950 pick up and i am restoring it. It belonged to an uncle of mine, he bougth it in 1951 (he pass away 3 years ago) when I was a kid he used to pass me just the wheel to drive it .i am the second owner.
jose n moreno <>
pharr, tx USA -
looking for 1956 ford f800 running boards driver side.570 282 7550
Rich Trichilo <randaauto>
simpson, pa USA -
looking for 1956 ford f800 running boards driver side
Rich Trichilo <randaauto>
simpson, pa USA -
Great stuff. My family has owned fleets of construction Ford trucks since the model T days. My favoites were the 49 50 51 and 52 f8 dumps both straight jobs and tandem axel.Please let me know where i could find a decent f8 flat bed or dump single axel. Thanks, Bob Villa
Bob Villa <>
Fernandina Beach, Fl USA -
really like your website, see you on FTE 48-60 board.......
52'F-3 <>
Manchester, USA -
I have a 1948 F-5 and I need 2 wheels. 7.50 x 20.
John Gilligan <jgilligan@goldenstatebuilders>
San Jose, CA USA -
Hi! i am restoring a f3 ford 1950 pick up, and i need front drums for it
jose n moreno <>
pharr, tx USA -
nice site. gotta love the bonus builts. dick r
dick reed <>
east glenville, NY USA -
I have a Green 1950 F2 I use daily when I am at Lake Lanier Olympic Rowing Center in GA. It has 60,000 miles and never had the head or pan off. It only burns 1qt every 800 miles which I remember was normal for 1950.
J . Quigley <>
Tempe, AZ USA -
nice site
chris <>
folsom, pa USA -
Thanks for your site I especially found the rim replacement section helpful I've been looking for better answers than having to go to Cananda for new rims.
Clark Freese <>
Onsted, MI USA -
i just purchased a 1951 F-1 panel it is stock all parts are there I am planing to restore it need info about the panel how many built ect???
ed holm <>
boise, id USA -
love early fiftys trucks
matthew micho <www.mmicho@GOOGLE.COM>
Thank you for your help er: the screw to remove my door lock as per Vintage Truck Mag. Teddy
Teddy Meyer <>
Santa Barbara, CA USA -
I am rays kustom truks. Iam a FORD nut.Have built many neat ford truks over the years started working on fords in1947 can,t stop but i have slowed down a bit.I will send you some pictures when I get a chance.
Ray Foote <>
yuba city, ca. USA -
Dennis Jones <>
Lansing, MI. USA -
I am restoring a 1955 Marmon-Harrington F-100 pickup. Anyone else out there doing a Marmon-Harrington ? ? Looking for more information
Wayne Butterfield <>
Nampa, ID USA -
1948 F-1 !956 F-800 Big Job 1936 1 1/2 ton 1934"Doodlebug" many John Deere tractors neat web site-your cartoon is so true
Richard Colby <>
Chelsea, VT USA -
enjoyed reading about your trucks i am in the process of restoring a 1948 truck
Arthur <>
berwick, il USA -
Enjoyed your site. Just purchased a 1950 F3 which I plan to restore. Don't know much about it yet and your web site is a great help. It has 38,000 original miles and I just started it this past weekend for he first time in four years. It purrs like a kitten. Didn't even put new plugs in it yet. Just put in a new battery, gasoline and water in the radiator and it ran fine. Forgot to check the brakes before I started down the driveway and learned real quick that I didn't have any managed to get it stopped withe the emergency brake. After putting in some brake fluid and bleeding the brakes it stopped fine. The brakes are tight and I can't figure out how to adjust them. The older cars that I worked on in the 1950s had a slot in the back and top of the wheel assembly but I don't see one on the F3. Any advice?
Dan <>
Sterling, VA USA -
Hello. I have a 1951 Ford F6 truck with 6-cyl engine and split rear-end. This is a former Texaco refinery grass fire truck but now has a 12-ft flatbed on it. If anyone can help I need to know: (1) - How do I determine if I have the "H" or the "M" 6-cyl engine? (2) - THis one has an electric fuel pump mounted on the right fender wall, but did these have engine-driven fuel pumps, too? (I do not see one on this one). (3) - Where is a good place to get parts for this truck? (4) - What weight of motor oil should I put in the engine? Any help GREATLY appreciated. Thanks! Dan Howard, Tulsa, OK 918-260-7728
Dan Howard <>
Tulsa, OK USA -
very enjoyable,especially love coe and panels.i hhave 1 49 merc pu,2 52 f1 pickups,also 48 thames pu,48 thames panel,old british trucks.thanks
jack towers <>
montreal, quebec canada -
I am restoreing a 1952 ford F-2 truck for my father. I need a pair of running boards all I am able to find are f-1 parts, they will ft in the cab but thats it. what, doesn't any one like a big truck? Any help would be appreciated thanks.
casey <>
pa USA -
Found your site! I have a '51 F2, rust-free, that I'm going to breathe life back into, with a motor/tranny/RE exchange. Looking for parts now, soooo many projects, soooo little time! Nice site, keep it up! R
Roger Phillips <>
Oxford, IN USA -
i have a 1954 ford 150 panel. bought it in 1979, drove it 4 years, it's been in the garage ever since. looking for ideas.
wayne <>
olathe, ks USA -
Hi Bob i just discovered your website and was very impressed with all your resposes.I have a 1950 f-i pu that i have been working to rebuild it to stock.I purchased 2 of them to make one.I,ve been working on it for the last three years,it,s almost brother and i did allthe work except the paint job.I,ts a real beauty and a pleasure to drive.That flat head is as quiet as a church mouse
Joseph LaPointe <>
Merritt iIsland, fl. USA -
i have a 51 ford truck cab sitting on a 66 chevrolet one ton that my son and i are building i have been working on the truck for a while i enjoy reading about old trucks . just found your site .
bill galatian <>
bristow, ok USA -
I have a 1950 ford pu that i have been restoring.I had one when i was a yongster for farm work and school.I lovrd that truck.Ihad the opertunity to buy and and have been busy working on it.IT,s a beauty.I will send photos at a later date Joe in FL.
Joseph LaPointe <>
Merritt Island, fl. USA -
love thoes ford trucks and cars
Harold Schafer <>
Pagr, Az USA -
I have a 1950 f-1
steve <>
brks, fl USA -
Nice fleet, i especially like the panel. O, Tracy says hi.
chris parkinson
saskatoon, SK Canada -
Just bought a 1952 F-6 grain truck last week. Hauled her 1300 miles home. 45K miles with a runing flat head v-8, 4 speed trans with 2 speed rear. Even the interior light works. Looking forward to restoring here back to formor glory. Brian Oursler Rutherfordton, NC
Brian Oursler <>
Rutherfordton, NC USA -
1951 Ford F1
Russell J. Notides <>
I am "ratrodding" a 1951 f1 pickup and a 1936 ford deluxe sedan. If anyone has photos or pointers of similer vehicals I would very happy to hear from you.
larry krause <>
calgary, ab canada -
1948 Ford F5 Stake Bed new to me on 8/26/07 send photo next time. 1st time restoration project. wish I had more money to play with!!
gary stevens <>
York, ME USA -
working on a 51 F1 flathead. Need a front right render
mike <>
martin van slageren <>
stanwood, wa USA -
Have tow marmon Herrington 11/2 trucks. Want Mk 2
Peter Mark <>
Great Neck, NY USA -
I have enjoyed looking over your site. I have a 1948 Ford F6 I have been restoring. I replaced the front axle with an F1 axle so I could have disk brakes and a tilt front end. When I am done I will send a picture.
Mike Kell <>
Rudolph, WI USA -
Hey Bob - I liked your mirror setup and how to page. I thought it was clever and the result looks real good. I have a 48 F-6 I'll be restoring starting this fall. I have never restored an old truck before, but thanks to you (and others) that put up good info on the web - how could I fail! Bob from Mass.
Bob Bourque <>
Northborough, MA USA -
I'm looking to do a 53-56 Ford F-100 rebody on a 80 up F series truck, preferably a diesel.
Brian Ehly <>
Willow Grove, PA USA -
Hi Bob, great site. My 41 1/2ton Ford Pickup is getting ready and I can t wait to hit the streets with it. Luxembourg / EUROPE
Gabriel Honnert <>
Kayl, Luxembourg -
Great site,just repurchased my old 49 Merc that I use to own when I was 16,bought it back from the same guy i sold it to about 25 years ago and I am in the process of resoring it now,its at the body shop(Looking for owners manual) Cheers
Ron Girard <>
Ottawa, Ont. Canada -
need f1 info
Bill <>
Just bought a 1950 Mercury flathead. It's having overheating issues. Help! Radiator has been recored but some engine rust flaking. Live in hot ole TX and want this as my daily.
I am restoring a '49 Mercury pickup and am anxious to check out your website.
Allan Seibel <>
Munson, AB Canada -
i have a 19935 model 51 flatbed 11/2 ton needs alot of tlc!
j anderson < >
White White Exotic Exotic Seed Seed Cheap Cheap Nick Nick
guergeWab <guergeWab>
Boden, Sweden Sweden -
information pictures 49 woody
hal routh <>
lexington, nc USA -
Great sight
David Fritz <>
Enjoyed your site. I have a 48 F-1 with 226 6 cyl engine. Bought it off a farmer in Roanoke, VA. It is in need of some restoration. All complete except the tailgate. If anyone has a 48, 49, 50 F-1 tailgate for sale please contact me.
Mike Sexton <>
Fredericksburg, VA USA -
I got bite by the bug. I always loved the look of these trucks. I just won one a '52 F2 off of ebay. I'll be in touch w/progress reports. Thanks!
Bob Fleming <>
Mt. Airy, MD USA -
Nice site,..have 1949 F-1, red, 302,AOD, Ranger clip, custom aluminum bed cover
Jeff <>
Fl USA -
Great photos and information re: early 50's era Fords. They are a great body style. Personally I like the 57 to 60 theme but if time and money would allow, I'd love to restore a 1948 or 1949. Thanks for authoring a great site.
Tom Cotner <>
Boise, ID USA -
Hi Bob Great pictures!
Ron Recchia (Reamer on FTE) <>
Ashford, CT USA -
I have a 1977 ford 1/2 ton shortbox 4X4. It is 70% complete and only needs minor things to finish. All new or Texas panels. Rust free. I started it in autobody school and now have to many progects going on to finish my own. Truck is lifted with 35" tires on alum rims. I would like to sell it. If anyone is interested or knows someone who is let me now. I will sell it for less than I have into it. Thanks, Ryan
Ryan <>
new ulm, mn USA -
1952 F3
looking for 1952 ford f1 motor and trans swap ideas
rory colwell <>
Nice site to stumble across at 3:00 in the morning. I currently have a 1955 F250 and a 1979 F150 4x4 and am looking to ad an old flat fender Power Wagon to the fleet. Anyone know of one available near Minneapolis?
Tony <>
Minneapolis, MN USA -
49' F-1 in progress
kevin wicks <>
everett , wa USA -
great site and nice truck, I got a 1949 Mercury M47, 51 M6, and a 53 F250, of course all with the 239 motors.
Ryan Markowsky <>
Joe LaVigne <>
Goose Creek , S.C. USA -

Great site! I'm the new owner of the Emerald Gypsy, a 1949 Ford F5 Wayne body schoolbus motorhome conversion. It has become my new rolling home, office & studio. I'll send some photos.
Don Shall <>
Cornwall, VT USA -
im interested in 48-52 year old trucks.
derek w. ball <>
dallas, ga. USA -
great site bob good info i especialy like the section on your thoughts your a good man
mike margosian <>
la valle, wi USA -
This site always learn me informations about the ols Ford Trucks. Always nice.
Gerard Cote <>
Montreal, QC CANADA -
1952 f3
Karl C. Diaz <>
Fresno, USA -
Nice to see your trucks. I will share a photo of my new 51' F1 project
Mike Vidro
Albuquerque, NM USA -
Very first time here. I have a 1951 f-100 1957 f-100 1935 5-window coup and looking to buy a 1950 M47
Bob Smith <>
Albany, Ore. USA -
I have always been a ford freak mostly the 73-79 4X4 But I have finally got a 50 F4 Ford it has no motor the flathead Is gone to a hot-rodder and the dump bed is gone My thoughts are of a 74, 390 and maybe a C-6 trany and turning this into my TOY HAULER with a nice flatbed any parts or tech. help would be grand
Rex Brown <>
WestHaven, UT USA -
This is a real nice website.I have a few Ford trucks.A1931 panel,1937panel, 1940 1 ton PU, 1940 Coe and a 1948 F-6 coe road tractor with a 1948 Fruehauf Stainless steel 28foot trailer.I'll try to send a photo.
Bob Malley <>
Pittsford, NY USA -
This is a real nice website.Ihave a few Ford trucks.A1931 panel,1937panel, 1940 1 ton PU, 1940 Coe and a 1948 F-6 coe road tractor with a 1948 Fruehauf Stainless steel 28foot trailer.I'll try to send a photo.
Bob Malley <>
Pittsford, NY USA -
This is a real nice website.Ihave a few Ford trucks.A1931 panel,1937panel, 1940 1 ton PU, 1940 Coe and a 1948 F-6 coe road tractor with a 1948 Fruehauf Stainless steel 28foot trailer.I'll try to dend a photo
Bob Malley <>
Pittsford, NY USA -
nice site
chris spagna <>
folsom, pa USA -
Just recently purchased a 1951 F1 that was hot-rodded in the late'60's, and sat neglected for the past 10 years. It currently has Olds power, but will soon be all Ford again, although a more modern driveline, since I will be driving it regularly.
Richard <>
Lake Hughes, CA USA -
Just checking out your site. I own a 51 F-1 that spent its life on a farm down south until I came along. Now it is sitting waiting for the time and money to be redone.
Dave Watson <>
Marine City, MI USA -
Hello I am trying to fund my new buisness and I am selling two very nice Marmon-Harrington trucks. I also have four or five other ford trucks. the two M-H ar 37 and 50 the others are between 1936 and 1948. Also have a few dodges. please pass on info if you know of any one looking for such trucks.
jeff erickson <>
pinon hills, ca USA -
I have a '51 Ford F6 Stake side w/6 and split rear all works - I am looking for 6 22 1/2" rims. for it. Makin a parade truck out of it as it is to slow to drive for very long.
Larry Christy - F6n <>
Zeigler, IL USA -
Looking for some help on restoring my '53 Chevy Truck
Kathy Van Horn <>
Moreno Valley, CA USA -
Editor's note: A Chevy, YIKES!!
VIN # Engine code 1952 F-4: What engine is "R" Total vin is F4R2KC..... Thank you, Rod
Rodney <>
Hollister, Mo USA -
i was wanting to see wat it was about i have a 52 f1 truck in need of parts.
james willis <>
tulsa, ok USA -
Very nice site this is second f1 51 I have owned first one all stock this one is under construction has a 460 ci plus ford and built c6 with fully locked 9 inch ford, always looking for something for it getting ready for body work and paint interior not complete either, also have a 73 f250 all original less than 100,000 on it in family since new original paint etc, nice to visit your site Thanks Harold Schafer Page Az
Harold Schafer <>
Page, Az USA -
I just won a 1948 F2 pickup. Its rough, Is there any way to get specs on the f1 and F2?
Scott Wilson <>
Phoenix , AZ USA -
I could use some help. My daddy just gave me my grandpa's 48 F6 11/2 ton Coca Cola truck. I want to fix it up, but can't seem to find a parts catalog that has it listed. Any suggestions on what I need to do to be able to start this project?
Donna J. McDonald <>
Cuthbert, Ga USA -
Excellent information on this website! I have an 1952 F-4 and need to know what will interchange on engine, drive line, possible transfer case & front axle. Any sponsors for a restore?
Rodney E <>
Hollister, Mo USA -
I have a 48 f-1 need to replace hinge pins
David Sargent <>
Johnson, vt USA -
I have a 1948 F5 ford. I like working on it when I am on vacation. I work in Kuwait At one of our base with the army as a contractor
Alan Meehl <>
Shevlin, MN USA -
Nice website. Currently have three trucks. 1948 & 1949 with 226 engine and 1950 which is basically for parts.
americus, ga USA -
I'm in the process of restoring a 1952 f-2 as a gift for my father. it has 75'000 origional miles and ran like a top before I started to teardown. i'm getting ready to lift the motor to clean and paint but need the paint codes for the motor. also need to replace the rear crossmembers and bed, gotta love wood rot. also running boards any ideas would be greatly appreciated. thanks casey ps.. I'm enviouse of your picking yard and trucks..
casey <>
mifflinburg, pa USA -
Wonderful site
Brad Kimball <>
Malaga, WA USA -
I've just restored a 1950 Ford F2 Longbed. I'm looking for a tailgate.
Arnold Regalado <>
Patterson, ca USA -
My truck has been setting in the field for some time know hope to make room in the shop soon. Then the fun will begin. Thanks for your hard work here on the net. LEE
Lee Eward Washburn <>
Grants Pass, or USA -
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John <John>
Tiburon, Texas Greenland -
I have a 1951 F3 Deluxe Pickup. I would like to know what body parts will fit from a f1 or f2.
Ted Welch <>
Crossville, TN USA -
I own a 1950 F 3
Weldon McAdams <>
Colby, Ks USA -
what is a good rear end swap for the 1951 ford f1
t.j. <,>
tucson, az USA -
Awesome Trucks... can't wait to own my own one day!
Sue Sacchetto <>
Azilda, Ontario Canada -
Are F1 & F6 1950 Ford doors interchangable?
Mike Walden <>
Trenton, MO USA -
I was checking out your site and saw alot of early ford truck fans and was wondering, I have purchased a 55 F100 and would like to know if anyone can tell me if the body will fit on a later model frame so I don't have to upgrade the original frame to get power steering and power brakes. I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks.
David <>
richmond, va USA -
look site I have a 1948 F-5 snogo with a 4x4 M-H all original with only 775 miles on it.
andrew <>
lake hiawatha, nj USA -
Glad to find your site.Imported a 50 F6 COE out or Oregon about 2 years ago & am hoping to start work on it in october. Regards JEFF
Trunkey Creek, N>S>W AUSTRALIA -
I have a 1950 F-6 that I'm restoring. I'm trying to get Ideas for the Bed.
June Barrett <>
Emmett, MI USA -
Need a gas tank for a 48 Ford F3
Dirk Johnson <>
Durango, Co USA -
hi i have a 52 f1 and i am looking for some fenders for it front and back thanks james
james willis <metro230@aol,com>
tulsa, ok USA -
We just bought a 49 Ford F2 for our son. We figured it would be a great project for the family to do together.
Healy Family <>
Holland Patent, NY USA -
I have a 1950 ford f1 station wagon with three rows of seats and side glass. It was converted from a panel truck in 1950 for the air force.We belive it may be the only one any comments would be greatly appreciated. It is a two wheel drive with the v8. thanks Lyle Tanquary
Lyle Tanquary <>
Wichita, Ks USA -
Great site. Great vehicles.
Will "Cajun" Abshire <>
Lake Charles, LA USA -
have a 52 ford panel truck just bought it need a gas tank where can i buy one
fite <>
missiouri city, tx USA -
I have a 1952 Ford F1 that I would like to restore. I really need information and pictures of the 1952 in order to complete the project properly.
Steve Dunann <>
Simpsonville, SC USA -
Nice site, I like the updates. Glad you fixed the guestbook.
Frank A Quaid
My boys broke down the bed sides of my F350 Q Cab. They thought it was a logging truck. I woulod like for them to make me a flatbed and put it on my truck. They can do this in school as project for auto class. This is their last year of high school. I don't know were to look for plans for a flatbed.
Pam Glasscock <>
Mountain View, MO USA -
Nice site! I own a 1950 ford F-2. Was an old city of Milwaukee truck. Has a flat bed on it. It sat for 20 years before I talked the guy into selling it to me. It runs but has a broken valve. Into restoring now. Just another project to do. Take Care.
Duke <>
Boyds, MD USA -
Just Looking Thanks
Patrick Henry <>
Sequim, WA USA -
british columbia canada looking for parts for ford f 100
clair nygard <>
chilliwack, USA -
I am search for information on early ford trucks
Donnie Jernigan <>
Arlington, VA USA -
Love your trucks Im just startin out thanks for the advice on the ebay truck really saved me.
Tom Matthews <>
CorpusChristi, TX USA -
nice web site I will be visiting it again. I own a 51 f-1 scince 78. &like to talk &work on them. mike
mike gill; <>
windlake, wi USA -
Nice site I am retired weldor,and looking forward to rebuilding two trucks, 1947 with snogo rotary snow plow and 1950 f6 dump truck. bieng a amature i really like sites like yours. I would like to get tjhe old vacume wipers to work,any suggestions? Thanks Dean
Dean Attebery <>
Laramie, WY u -
Nice site I am retired weldor,and looking forward to rebuilding two trucks, 1947 with snogo rotary snow plow and 1950 f6 dump truck. bieng a amature i really like sites like yours. Thanks Dean
Dean Attebery <>
Laramie, WY USA -
I want to thank you for all your help. If you ever need information from Canada, let me know.I own a body shop and also am a distributer of after market parts.
Bruce Russell <>
Langley, BC Canada -
Thanks for your illustrations of the rear bumper for the '49 Ford pickup.Will email you a couple of before and after pics of the '49 pickup and the '47 farm truck that my brother and I are in the proces of restoring. Dan Mischuk
Dan (DCM) <>
NE Alberta, AB CAN -
Have 53 ford f100, looking for pros/cons of a volarie front suspension install for my project.
Dave DeCramer <>
Northfild, MN USA -
good to find a site with intrest's in the mercury's! hard to find in canada!
tim robinson <>
niagara falls , ont canada -
what a great website. excellent information for all of us that are new to F1/M1 and bigger. will visit a lot. thanks
canada -
I have a49 f6 firetruck for sale i cant find data plate to show what the gpm is on pump buyer wants to know
steve hall <>
Sterling, ny USA -
I have an F-4 (1948)org.low miles from my Father. It runs! I do have pictures my wife could scan to send you. I am still learning to do this and care about my truck. thank yo bob
Bob Bridgette <>
bass lake , ca USA -
Great Site, I am rebuilding a 1948 F-1, that I pick up in Nebraska, that had been pretty butched by the local Vocational School sheet metal shop....should have her done after 3 years of working on her this fall 07...Thanks for taking the time to do the site
Bill Koning <>
Las Vegas, NV USA -
I have a 56 ford Marmaon Harrington Converstion I have owned since 1981. In progress. Runs with new engine, licienced and partially in paint.
Len Hansen <>
Renton , WA USA -
what a great site i have been looking for what parts are shared between f-2s and f-3s on a 1950 f-3
brad berry <>
Royal Center, in USA -
I have a turnpike cruiser motor Y block motor that has factory 4 barrel and bolts up where a Y block is with lots more power, 500.00 you pick up in nw missouri.
Del Brett <>
savannah, mo USA -
Although I own late model trucks(1967 F250 Crewcab x2 and others), I also like the 48-50 F-series Fords. Great site and will check it out more.
John Creel <>
nice weeb site!
wayne boles <>
island grove, fl USA -
Nice site and keep up the good work.
Jim Reinish <>
Norman, Ok USA -
Nice trucks! I'm working on a '48 F-1, air-ride suspension,dropped axle,4-97's etc.,disc brakes and much more.
Jim Emerson <>
Stockton, CA USA -
I am the second owner of a 52 F-4 with 13K original miles on it with the original 215 overhead six. Frame off and clean up and paint soon. Only part I need is an aftermarket right side rear view mirror mount that attaches to the right upper door hinge pin to match the left original.
Terry <>
Del Norte, CO USA -
Great site, enjoy your pictures and stories. I have a 52 F1 and I am trying to restore.
Dennis <>
Coatesville, PA USA -
I have a 49 f-1 . Am looking for some better front fenders for same. Do you have any leads? Thanks, love to see and talk to fellow ford owners. Forrest
Forrest Gibson <>
Pasco, Wa. USA -
i just bought a 1951 ford f-5. it has a gas powered air compessoron the back. it has 20 inch wheels,flathead v-8. the cab is in neer perfect condition. it has a little rot on the front fenders. iam junking the ingersol-rand compressor and installing a flat bed or a dump body
frank ladyko <>
oxford, ct USA -
Great site ,I'm here in Nepal finishing job. learned how too drive in a 50 to get back and work on my 50 panel truck !
Don DuPriest <>
Alexander City, Ala USA -
I have a 51 F3 and 50 F7. looking for Marmon Herrington F3 running gear.
Cooper <>
clinton, wa USA -
Haven't realy done much lookin' yet. was just told about yuor site by a friend.
Roger Wieldraayer <>
Oak Harbor, Wa USA -
Interesting site.I've recently started building a 49 F1, that I plan on making into a street rod. The first thing I did was extend the cab 15inches.I was wondering if anyone knows of what modern front suspension I may be able to use with an air bag suspension,RANGER,MUSTANG?????
keith <>
mi USA -
I have recently purchased a 48 Ford F6
Richard Sundermann <>
Knoxville, AR USA -
Great web site- I have a restored 1949 F1
Carl Eckhart <>
Lucasville, OH USA -
I have a 55 ford 1/2 ton, 56 gmc coe, and a divco, looking for 56 ford coe and early chevy and ford coes
steve <ford1234@cableone,net>
globe, az USA -
Just Looking
Don Georges
I have a 51 F1 and F6 Ford
Rudy Mortensen <>
Carmichael, CA USA -
ive got a 1956 f100 on a 1978 chevy frame 350 at350 1959 cady taillights and front bumper grille etc ill get pics out soon .... thanks james
James mitchell <>
indianapolis, IN USA -
Great Site, I'll visit often
Dennis Craig <>
Lafayette, In USA -
I really enjoy looking at your site. I can't get enough.
Matthew Boudreaux <>
lake charles, LA USA -
I have a 1951 Ford F3 "Heavy Duty" 8 lug pattern and original 17" wheels. The flathead has been replaced with a 302 V8 and automatic transmission. I am curious if I can pull a 26FT camp trailer with this running gear... thanks much
Jim Lohman <>
Onalaska, WI USA -
Your website looks great ! I'll keep checking back. Also I will email you soon.
I always liked this vintage of Ford trucks. I used to play in my neighbor's '49 F2. One day I'd like to have one of these. I have a '70 F350 Flatbed DRW. I know your trucks were already getting old when my truck was new. Great site. I'll be back.
Steve <>
Crugers, NY USA -
1952 ford f-1
arvel h wooten <pawooten@COMCAST.NET>
lithonia, ga USA -
I really enjoy your site and the help you have given me. Thanks
Dave Schumacher <>
Ehrhardt, SC USA -
just got a 1951 f4 2 ton flatbed which we will be turning into our shop truck it was love at first sight and thats from a chevy gal
gail walch <>
brookings, or USA -
Well, bob you know me, I am the Sovereign53 on FTE. I like this site a lot!
Theo Crowley <>
SoCal, CA USA -
Thanks you for this link and responding to my question on the FTE web site.
Chris <>
Hillsboro, OR USA -
I signed book before but didn't say I bought my 1956 Mercury m-100 at a farm auction in Kelvington Sask. Canada and made a 2600 mile trip and its my dream truck to restore.
Del Brett <>
Savannah, MO USA -
i have a 52 ford f1 pickup with a 351 winsor bored and a 427 small block,c6 trans.hit a deer 2 yrs ago and now rebuiding again. god love those deer's.haha. wife hates though.
robuildingert piersall <>
haysville, ks USA -
I own a 1948 Ford F1 Just Bought it! it came with a 1971 455ci Olds n 1970 Lincoln rear end. Just Looking for ideas See whats out there.
Edward Loya <harleyedwardo>
Santa Paula, ca USA -
I have a 1948 F-5 cabover,sure is a neat tk
Lloyd <>
Moundvalley, Ks USA -
I have a 51 ford panel for 30years, was all orignal, got a itch and I am changing everything to chevy drive train, welcome any response or just chatting with panel people
Dan <>
moreno valley, ca USA -
Great site
Dorsey Evans <>
Senioa, Ga USA -
Hey man, COOL site.I dig 48 trucks too. My personal favorite are 1956F-100's.I love how you made the "quick"video of all the work on the panel.Very cool. GOD bless you all!!!
Terry Clark <>
Leitchfield, KY USA -
Great Website, I just got a 52 F1 and was searching the net on a rainy day for info. Keep up the great work, inspiring to a newbie.
Dennis <>
Coatesville, PA USA -
Nice site, just found it. Will check back and have a much better look when I have more time.
Morris K <>
Saskatoon, sask Canada -
56 m-100 owner
del brett <>
savannah, mo USA -
Need 1948 thru 1952 Body parts Would like good fenders
Tommy Klutz <>
Blowing Rock, N.C. USA -
I have a 1950 F-4 that I have been attempting to somewhat restore. I completely renovated the powertrain system in hopes of being able to use it as a heavy duty work truck. This has been a long process, but we are getting better. I am interested as to where you get a lot of the detail parts for your trucks.
John Russell <>
Springboro, Oh USA -
I found this cool new forum that I thought you guys woul enjoy. check it out.
I just bought a 1949 mercury pickup would like to find a restoration manual as it is in pieces
Ed Kingston <>
Canada -
New to sight looks interestin.
Rudy <Fankhauser>
Palmyra, In USA -
Very nice web site! Enjoy reading and admireing your trucks. I have what I beleive is a 1950 F4. I would like to send a picture, And ask if you can help with the date. The old fellow I bought the truck from said he thought it was a 50 model but wasant sure. Thanks Lee!
Lee Lankford <>
New Albin, Ia USA -
great web site looking for 48-52 f-7 5 speed trans have a 51 m3 daily driver work truck stock power train loads of fun
frank bachinski <>
labroquerie, mb canada -
I have a 1949 F-1 and would love to have a panel truck like yours as well as a 48-52 F-4 dump truck. Would love to chat with you.
Rick Marsh <>
Palmyra, VA USA -
My husband is wanting to sale his 1951 F1 Pickup. Flathead v8 3 speed Runs needs work, great project truck 90% original 4000.00 OBO Maybe this is the one you are looking for.
Devera Eakins <>
Perry, fl USA -
Great Website
Danny Hollis <>
Blythe, CA USA -
I have a 1951 Ford F1. It has a 302/C4 with disc brake conversion on the straight axle. Also has cross steering w/power.
Toby Peterik
Racine, WI USA -
I have recently inherited a 1951 Ford F4 Flatbed Dually. My brother was killed before he had the means to do major restoration. I am wondering if you have any recommendations as to where to begin such a task. If you have any info on this vehicle (value, possible parts location...) I would be very appreciative to any help. Thank you for your time. It is very appreciated.
Crissy <>
Ca USA -
Great pics of the '48 panel! I have a '50 (basketcase)that I am working on and love the information you have shared. Hope to see more pics soon.
Rocky McLain <>
Pine, CO USA -
Good site, I have a very nice 1950 M47 Merc pick-up for sale. 1/2 ton original running gear V8&3spd on the floor. Older resto but still looks good. Asking 13,995.00obo
Eric Gregg <>
Molalla, Ore USA -
Nice site Bob!!
Barry McCloskey <>
Newington, Ct USA -
VERY NICE SITE, I enjoy looking at the old truck stuff, THANKS for sharing---Dennis
Dennis <>
Akron, OH USA -
i want to see pictures of a 52 ford pickup
luke miles
I have had a 1950 panel that I found in a field 12 years ago waiting restoration. Now it seems I finally have the time and $$$ to do so. I can't wait to see how yours turns out.
Rocky McLain <>
Pine, CO USA -
Great site.
Michael Crane <>
Chicago, IL USA -
Love this sight. Really into fat fenders also. Have 1942 4dr Ford black and white with 350/auto. Projects include 1949 Panel, 1946 4dr Ford Sedan.
Will Abshire <>
Lake Charles, LA USA -
Bill Williams <>
Roswell, NM United States -
Nice site. I checked out the radio brackets and will be building a set. I am in the midst of restoring a 1950 Mercury M-47 that I hope to have done soon. I do recognise you from FTE and Bonus Built. Keep up the good work. Don
Don McKay <>
Airdrie, Ab. Canada -
Nice jobs, hope mine turns out 1/2 as good.
Jim Emerson <>
Stockton, CA USA -
Nice jobs, hope mine turns out 1/2 as good.
Jim Emerson <>
Stockton, CA USA -
Hi I printed the radio brkts print you had. I was raised in Whitewater Wi. retired to Tn. less rust. I have a 48 F1 and 49 F1 I love them but Ebay gets my money for parts. Thanks for sharing the info. Pete
Warren PETE Pederson <>
Pikeville, Tn USA -
Great site, hope to make one of my own someday!
Kevin Smith <>
Massillon, Oh USA -
Where can I find information on he M-H all wheel Station wagon. I am writing a piece about the ultimate early beachwagon and wish I had details / photos. Thanx, John
John <>
Salem, MA USA -
Bob J. Nice to see your site on 48's thru 50's. I go by 1949fordf3 on the FTE site. You've provided lots of guidance in the rebuilding of my 1950 F1. Recently moved to central NH (closer to Vern) and will have some before and after pictures shortly. Newt
C. Newton Anderson <>
Franklin, NH USA -
Was looking for parts for 48 Panel and found you sight. Its great!My son has a 51 F-100 and I have a 48 Panel which we both want to build into streetrods. Looking for sheetmetal, glass, doors etc. for the Panel as well as ideas. I would like to either lengthen the pass side door for second row seating access or do a extended cab back door setup like late model f-150. All suggestions ideas appreciated. Jeff March 2006
Jeff Silvers <>
Bulls Gap, TN USA -
nice photos, I have a 1951 F3 I would like to find the marmonherrington running gear for my truck.
Terry Cooper <>
clinton, wa USA -
Just hauled a 49 F1 project home. Older, rodded solid unit that I hope to get on the road this summer. I think this site will be a lot of help.
Rick Leggett <>
Denver, Co USA -
1950 F5 pictures
william coffey <>
edinburg, va USA -
Hi , im buying a 1951 F-3 to restore im doing it all my self while im laid off .... it will take a while ar a few years wish me luck! it has flt heads is there any thing i shopuld know abot them ? i never messed with that kind of motoe before , or should i put my stright six and tranny in it?....thanks Dan
Dan p. <>
Gassaway, Wv USA -
I am doing a 52 panel hot rod and will send some pictures when it is done, hoping this spring.
Randy <>
Logan, UT USA -
very good site.i have a 1952 f6 coe truck that i will begin this year to restore.
Daniel Rischard <>
Rodange, Luxemburg,Europe -
Awful lot of work, you must be in the body work trade!! Absolutely fantastic job, probably not your first either. Hope you're still at it, most likely done by now. Good job and good luck.
Dan <>
Chetek, WI USA -
Andrew Beeli <>
david simpson <KSIMPSON5587@BELLSOUTH.NET>
I have 1953 f100 that is getting the marmon harrington 4x4 look alike treatment any info would be great thanks
david leighton <>
rockport, ME USA -
Thought I saw a Lincoln 337ci motor on google poining here but it must have slipped off the page..? Missed it, JerryN36
JerryN36 <>
thanks for the info.
Ralph Bennoch <>
Attleboro, MA USA -
running 52 marmon harrington anybody need parts?
rod boehm <>
livingston, mt USA -
Jason <>
Michigan City, IN USA -
Hi Bob, interesting site. I've recently purchased a 49 pickup that I plan on custumizing. I've already found or have what parts I'll need for my project but I have not yet found what the stock wheelbase for my F1 would be. Would you be able to help me out with that? I have the original frame but it has no rear suspension on it and I'm not going to use it anyway.
great website and good info i need info on correct paint for 1948 f6 flathead 8 and correct frame color for frame?
rodney boehm <>
livingston, mt USA -
I have a 1949 F-1 truck given to me by mom. The truck is sitting on a late 70's nova with 305 eng. Front fenders in real bad condition rear not too bad. any suggestions welcome. I almost foregot interior bad too. Has bench seat, thinking about bucket seats what do you think?
John Cantrell <>
Clloden, WV USA -
Great looking truck
Dorsey Evans <>
Senoia, Ga USA -
Great site! Love the bigger trucks!!!!
Tim Crump <>
Las Vegas, NV USA -
I have been working on a 50 F1 Panel for a long time, why rush. I will check back with you later. Thanks for sharing.
Mike Morris <>
Las Vegas, NV USA -
Great site, hope you will add to it soon.
Alex Jacupsen
Oxford , Wi USA -
I have a 1948 F3 that was purchased for a song It will be a while before the restoration begins but with the research and seeing all of the nice old truck pics it will be worth it to one day drive this 48 od the highway.
kevin AKA: Buffalo <>
Duncan, AZ USA -
Really appreaciated your pics & stories. Especially of the F-2. I have a '49 F-2 myself that is being restored. A '49 freak I have completed a woodie and am in the middle of re-dooing a convertable. When these are a little farther along I'm looking forward to my '51 school bus project. Thanks again, Keith
keith fullmer <>
denver, co USA -
In my search for a forum to market my newly acquired antique Ford Fire/pumper truck, I came across your classified ad offering your 1951 Ford Truck for sale. Your vehicle has been preserved/restored so well that I can only assume you are a seasoned enthusiast of this class of vehicle, which leads me to inquire if you may be willing to offer me any assistance or insight on how I might go about the task of marketing my truck to the groups of potential buyers who would appreciate the value of what I have in this 1-owner, volunteer fire department 1951 Ford F6 M pumper truck with only 6,700 ORIGINAL MILES and full documentation. This vehicle is complete, original and ready for a new owner with an interest in antique trucks. Can you point me in the right direction of my target market? Thanks and best regards, Steve Dowd (602) 760 - 9549
Steve Dowd <>
Scottsdale, AZ USA -
Good info to know, Keep on Truckin'
F6Forrest <>
Wingate, MD USA -
Good info. I have a '52 F-7!
Cecil E Polan <>
Gerrardstown, WV USA -
daniel rischard <DAN.RISCHARD@INTERNET.LU>
great site & good luck...i am redoing a 49 f-i panel ..not as to spec as yours...question ??? what was the location of the spare tire on the 48-49-50..panel....was it the pass side far rear ??? thank you,ed miller
ed miller <>
coatesville, pa USA -
Bob: About 2 years ago I bought from you some rear shock mounts for my 52 F3; I think that they came from an older F2 that you have. I have not put them in yet, but I will. I will be taking some pictures of my F3 soon, so I will send you some shots that you may post on your nice site. SteV8e
Steve Rose <>
Minneapolis, MN USA -
I love your truck. My favorite year model is 51.
gary hobbs <>
amarillo, tx USA -
You have a nice assortment of '48-'52 Ford photos. I too am partial to this generation of Ford/Mercury truck. Take care.
Drew <>
How is it going Bob? Getting any more done on the panel? Great photo album of the Dells, specialy the 1st panel, ha ha
The Wizard <>
medford, wi USA -
Troy Valentine <>
Green Bay, WI USA -
nice site i am working on a 52 and my dad has a unrestored 50 mercury pickup
mike matters <>
charlottetown, pei canada -
i like ford f1 and f 100 good luke for you
laurent <>
noisiel, france -
Thanks for the section on double clutching.
Mike <>
Williams, OR USA -
Great info.
Scott Yingst <>
Columbia City , IN USA -
Hi Bob ,nice name, Just cruising the net and found your site. I have a 52 pickup completly original with 8ba eng. this will come out and go into an A model and rest of truck will be powered by a windsor from my 65 mussy and jag front and rear.Keep on trucking.
Bob Morrison <>
melbourne, Victoria Australia -
Hi Bob, hows the panel coming along? I've been dead in the water up here. Health probs kick in full force. keep me posted how things are coming.
the Wizard <>
medford, wi USA -
Hello Bob, thanks again for the running boards. over the last two years the '48 panel has come along and moved all the way up to Oregon.since we got here we haven't made too much progress, but all we need is a gas tank, a driveshaft, and to wire it, and a killer paint job!
Ben Parsons <>
Vida, OR USA -
Nice site. we share a lot of the same beliefs. I have a 48 f-1. Is there a granny gear in the transmission? First gear is very high and you have to slip the cdlutch to get the vehicle rolling.
d montemurro <>
ks USA -
i read the colin powell answer and i was very toutched by his pasion for his country i agree with all he siad
ann rutter
england -
need 1949 f2 brake backing plates
jack fuller <>
hampton, va USA -
i appricate the door repair info
clyde clark <>
walnut cove, nc USA -
great site , found it thru a link to you. I'll be back. Just bought a 1949 F-1 that runs and looks great. A total blast to drive. Thanx. G.
frank gerardi
hampshire, ill USA -
I have a 48 like yours,same color even! I need rear bottom Quarters,(rear ended)and one tail light,future project!
larry collins <>
louisville, ky USA -
Larry, or anyone else looking for paneltruck parts, I know a person in California who is parting out a '48-50 panel truck. If you are interested drop me a line.
nice work i just bought a 47 panel can you get a better pic of the rear lights on the 48 mine has none at present and would like to go with something near original but dont know what that is merry christmas
bll webster <>
niagara falls, ont can -
I wrote a note before, but I goofed and said I had a 1940 F1 pickup and a 1954 Ford Panel. I do have the panel, but the pickup is a 1949, not a 1940. Oh well, I hope my truck building is better than my typing. One thing I did want to say, is that every thing done to my trucks are done right here at my house, absolutely nothing is farmed out. I hate going to shows and looking at how much someone paid someone else to do. It is great when someone ask, Who did the paint, welding, etc, and I can honestly say, I DID. Take care and keep um on the road.
Don Rooks <>
Gray, Ga USA -
Great to see your progress. I have a 1940 F1 pickup I have been working on and have in pretty good shape. I also have a 54 ford panel. The body is in pretty good shape, and I have put a volarie front end in it, but that is about all I have had time to do. I am thinking about selling the panel, but I am wishy washy about it. You know how it is. At first it looks like an enormouse task, but as things come together pride in accomplishment starts to settle in. I will make up my mind soon. I hope.
don rooks <>
Gray, Ga USA -
great site, love all the photos, thanks for doing what you do.
M.D.Woodside <>
Great site. Was able to find year of my F100 THank you
Bob Farrar <>
Plasitow, NH USA -
Enjoyed reading your story about your '49. I inherited "Uncle Hershel" my dad's 1950 F1. Always loved that truck. Plan to restore it in the next year or so.
Clay Carson <>
Dallas, TX USA -
Love those COE Fords. I would like to do one for a show truck if I could find/afford it.
Joe Mara <>
Lincoln, NE USA -
Nice site, great pics. congratulations. looking at a 48 dumptruck, hope it's what I want. Now I get a better idea of what I'm going to see. Thanks.
papafarmer <>
brimfield, ma USA -
Enjoyed the visit. Makes me more motivated to go to work on my '55 F-100. Being a displaced Wisconsonite, I know what your talking about when you say RUST!! Good Luck; Gordo
gordon boody <>
milton, ks. USA -
Hi...nice site thought it is quite old. Is the '48 finished? I have one and use it for my biz. But, recently, had a fender bender and need body parts for the right rear. Any chance you know of one around ('48 thru '52 had same body style) that I could buy a filet of?? Rick Boise
Rick Land <>
Boise, IDq USA -
Well, since I am here. I have one 1949 Ford F-4 farm truck. Black in color, flat head V-8 and the tires have been holding ever since 1949 as far as I can tell. About 1980 my Brother purchased it from a family farm auction for a reasonable price I am sure. He kept it in the family and I was pleased to hear it. About 5 years later I hear that he sold it to a man in our town near by. I was shocked that I did not get notice of the sale so I could have the chance to keep the family 49 in the family. I went to the person and ask if he would want to sell the old truck to me and he said, Tim, I really do not want the truck, I just want the wood farm bed off the truck, why you can have the old truck. I about fell over in shock. I then rushed to the rental place and loaded MY new old 1949 Ford on a dolly and headed for Indianapolis with a smile as big as Texas. I still have the old family keep sake and never plan to see it leave my grasp. I drive it each week somewhere near by and love the way the Flathead V-8 purrrrs along in each gear with the whine as you accelerate along. I now have a different bed on the old 49 that is pretty heavy since it came off a 1935 White dump truck. But it looks great and works so well. I would love to purchase a nice light weight flat bed, but one day...I use to take my 49 to old days truck shows where no awards were issued and it was much fun. It is far from new and I like it that way for the usefull purpose. I have collected a few spare parts to keep the baby going should need be. I have only taken about 2,000 pictures of the 49 since I have had it and each one is a treat to look at. I have had all sorts of different plates issued for the use of the truck like a 16,000 lb plate one year so I could haul stone for my drive way, and now a 7,000 lb plate to give it a breather from the hard work. I like the site here and thanks for the time to express my 49 Ford views. See ya Ford Friends Tim
Tim Orr <>
Indianapolis, In, In. USA , go troops -
Looking good
E. Masterson <>
Dallas, Tx USA -
Hi Bob: Nice site! love old Fords (well, not too impressed with Jerry! (har))). Hey, need a sheetmetal from a '48 panel. Know of any bodies rusting away somewhere that would like to donate and live on?? Rick Land Boise, Idaho
Rick Land <>
Boise, ID USA -
I would like to see 1946 Ford Pickups
Tom Cole
nice site keep up the nice work thanks
henri credger <>
midland, ont. can. -
Great web site. Just bought a '52 F1 with a V8. I learned to drive in one just like it that my uncle owned. Need front fenders. Anyone know of a source for reproduction fenders?
Dave Dooley <>
Sioux City, IA USA -
Very good site! I just bought a 48 F1 Panel in Nevada last week and drove it back to South Carolina. It already has a 351W and a C-4 in it as well as a mustang front end and 9" rear with 373 gears(great gas milage}. There is a lot to do to get it to where I want it but it runs great, so I can drive while I work. The body is decent but could use a right rear door or maybe even both if anyone has them reasonably priced. Thanks for the site!
Tim Strickland <>
Laurens, S.C. USA -
I just bought soon land and found a Ford F-5 flat bed truck. vin# 88RW125390RIC Has anyone got any idea what i have. Year Size Of engine and trans. Thanks Dave (oldfossil)
David G Allen <>
cottageville, sc USA -
Enjoyed your website very much. How do you find time?
Larry McInroy <>
Golden, CO USA -
Looking for parts for 1949 Ford F3
joe Williams <>
Red Boiling Spgs., TN USA -
Stumbled upon your site while researching a '49 f6. I'm currently restoring our '61 17' Century Resorter and I'm thinking of tackleing a truck next. My youngest is currently in Afghanistan and reading the quote from Colin Powell gave me pause. Great site. Great trucks ! Regards, Tim
Tim Hall <>
Rochester, NY USA -
Nice site!! I am in the process of restoring a 49 f3 that I have owned since 1980. I used this truck to get to and from school and work. It has been sitting outside since 1985. I am just at the point in my life to finially do a frame up restoration.
Scranton, PA USA -
thanks for the door repair instrutions i will use them on my 51 f1
clyde clark <>
walnut cove , nc USA -
hi I have a 1950 ford F-1 truck can u help me find parts for it Thx Kenny
kenny <>
w mansfield, oh USA -
Very nice site
54 gene <>
Alden, N. Y. USA -
Awsome site!
MIke <>
Highland Park, NJ USA -
nice work so far good luck i have a 48 panel just trying to find rear doors in better condition
ron ball <>
corinth, ny USA -
I've been looking for this kind of info. Thank You
James Black <>
Waverly, ks USA -
Great pics of the Panel Truck Nationals.Wish I could have made it,but life got in the way.
Mike Byrne
Keokuk, Ia USA -
pierino di maggio <>
Well its me again. I picked up the truck deal today--what a surprise. So far I have a total of $65 invested in what I thought was going to be a smaller truck turned out to be a 1952 2 ton f6 flatbed duelly. The truck was given to me but had to be towed after I pulled out of 5 foot tall weeds and small trees with my jeep. Im finding websites for parts already a problem- any help there sure would be appreciated. Id love to send you my pics of the 52- an actual beauty for the price-5 double quarter thru rust spots on the entire truck.
Jason Winfield <>
Benton Harbor, MI USA -
I just was given to me a 52 ford flatbed with flat 8 cyl. I am looking forward to starting the restoration
Jason Winfield <>
Benton Harbor, MI USA -
great site and really enjoyed and agreed with your thoughts. restoring these old trucks is like preserving a living piece of history.they should-by all means possible-be kept stock. it is my feeling that the ones that are too far gone can be made into hot rods. but what really upsets me is when a guy buys a nicely restored example and tears it apart to make a streetrod. dont get me wrong,a chopped and channeled,nosed vintage f-1 is cool but let it be made from a junker, not a nice original. after all isnt that basically how hot rodding got started? I have a 48 F1 6 cyl with 40,000 mi.and a 52 open cab firetruck with 6,000 miles. by the way im looking for front 1/4 fenders for the f-1 and have parts to sell or trade. thanks for a great web site and good luck with your panel project...Frank S
frank schaeffer <>
saint helena , ca USA -
very nice show.where at the dells do they hold the show,and what day's are the show.i have been thinking about trying to come and see the show,but have not yet been able to make it.
scott ervin <>
il. USA -
just curzzin through. looking for ideas even though i have an idea of how i want to hot rod my 49 pu. i saw an old school hotrod like it in 1970 that put an image into my mind. ill go one step more and probably shop it and lower the bed heigth and take off the rear fenders and put a wide type of trailer fender and shorten the bed and probably drop everything down about 4-6 inches. if you run accross any pu that is kinda like this could you please shoot me a pic thanks Larry
Larry Mulalley <>
Sunnyside, wa USA -
cool thanks for posting the pics bob
dean malin
You're welcome Dean, great show. Hopefully, I will have my panel there next year-along with your's.

Check out pictures here

I restored my dad's 1950 F-1 in 2003. He bought the truck new and it sat dead on the farm for over 30 years. The last license plate was for 1962.
John Mickelson <>
Frazee, MN USA -
We were blessed with a 1949 f-2 pickup that was given to me from my uncle after he recently passed away. My Uncle had owned the truck since 1960's. This was the first truck I learned to drive a manual transmission. I was 16 and boy was I surprised to learn that the gears weren't synchronized. When I met my husband six years later he was a big ford man himself and he was always helping my uncle with any mechanical problems he had (I guess I was lucky to have married a machanic and have my family fall in love with him. We would like to fix up the old beast and give it to our kids. It still has all the oringinal runnig gear but not running for it has sit for a long time. I'm so glad my uncle didn't sell this truck as there was a lot of people who kept wanting to buy it from him. We hope you the best with your truck too. Wayne & Judy
Wayne & Judy Reeder <>
Creswell, OR USA -

Great story Judy, thanks

Ijust got a 48 f1 panel it is basket case I live in ohio our winters aren't long as yours but i still will have alot of time to work on it blocking is a little better in cold weather you don't sweat as much I also have a 1953 ford sedan god bless america and the flat head Mike
Mike Mayer <>
Goshen , ohio USA -
We have a 49 Ford truck that we would like to sell. Needs restoration. I know that the original motor is in great shape, the body is fair. Where do you think we should advertise? How do we establish a value?
Alan Johnson <>
Solon, OH USA -
Maybe one of our visitors will be interested but, you should check out my link page and post on the sites I have listed. They get a lot of traffice from Ford truck enthusiasts.

As for value, that's kind of hard to establish.   Start at a price you are comfortable with and if it doesn't sale then you know you are too high. It's easier to lower the price than to raise it. Just my opinion--Web Master

Am restoring 51 F1 am looking for radio hole cover and rear fenders, in Oregon prefered.please contact at
Steve Atkins <>
Portland, Or USA -
I love old ford trucks
Kyle Hain <>
Pine grove, pa USA -
1950 F6
Mike Rankin <>
Milltown, In USA -
hello to Roger Grinold
paul f <>
va USA -
Hey nice site. My truck is a '59 F100 short bed custom cab. A little newer than the trucks here but still great to drive. I need to drop a hello from Tracy who sent me to your site. By the way, very nice trucks!
Rob Milner <>
Mammoth Lakes, CA USA -
my son has a f1 48 panel.he has had it for about 13 years.he has big plans for it.we will try and take some pictures of it and send to you. thanks keep at it
willie hatch <>
kingman, az USA -
Nice job on the pickups really enjoyed your sight.
Good site, I have several flat V-8's. Just bought a (48 to 50 - haven't seen the title or VIN yet)F-3. Seems to be in fairly good shape. I'll know more tomorrow. Am working on getting a '50 F9 with the big 337 engine. Keep up the good photos. Vern
Vern Davidson <>
Clifton, CO USA -
I recently bought a 1949 F2 that's in remarkedly good shape but of course in need of restoration. I may ask a few questions as a I go through the process, if you don't mind. Thanks for the pictures.
Roger Fichter <>
Glenwood, IA USA -
Hi Bob! Check out -- I think you'll find it humorous and informative!
Jim & Jake
I buy and sell Ford pickup parts 48-79.I need A 51-52 F-1 cab frame or what you have. Jim LaRoche
Jim LaRoche <>
DelRio,, TX USA -
Building a 52 ford pickup. 350 engine, 350 turbo trans, and the regular hot rod stuff you do.
John Langer <>
Tukwila, Wa. USA -
Would like to find a Ford F3 or F4 dually that is in decent shape. Thanks
Joe Mara <>
Lincoln, ne USA -
hey bob i am looking to sell my marmon harrington 51 merc if there is any intrest from your viewers contact me by e mail
matthew patterson <>
hay river, nwt canada -
I am intrested in a fiberglass rebody kit for a ford ranger. I have seen 1930's style kits at shows.
Don Bramley <>
spfld, il USA -
Anyone out there have any diagrams for the door and window mechanisms on a 1948 GMC truck? Thanks
demetrios <>
hey bob just got your email and it seems like you dont no but i sent you pics of my truck before it is a blue 51 marmon harrington .you emailed me then but i never saw it on your site. anyway just putting a name to the pics thanks keep up the site its great.
matthew patterson <>
hayriver, nwt canada -
Hey bob just stopped by to check on your site.I like your new rig cool truck alot like my 51 marmon harrington.By the way i am repainting my truck blue and white i will send you pics when done.
matthew patterson <>
hay river, nwt canada -
I have a 48 f-1 that Im starting to restore,but of course it will be modified. tom
tom hardeman <>
prescott valley, AZ USA -
i am building a 49 bouns 4" roof chop 400 small block starting to look the part
mike <>
Dunedin, new zealand -
I have a 1954 f-100 A 1956 f-250 and just bought a 1952 f-8 big job with air brakes
Jason Duenes
austin, mn USA -
Nice web page, I have had it book marked for a couple years, I always enjoy looking at it from time to time.
Mike Masters <>
Oxford, NS Canada -
Looking at a 1948 F-5 COE Body is good in primer but needs a lot of work. The seals are all gone and needs sanded and painted. Not a lot of body work. Where can I get parts for it.Thanks Greg
Greg Mead <>
Bonners Ferry, Id USA -
I saw on a yahoo search page somebody was looking for a 337 lincoln flathead. I have a 1951, 337 c.u. 8el lincoln motor with a g.m. hydromatic transmision. The motor is complete fr