In the beginning

This page has pictures of my 1937 Buick Special.

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I was able to find a rotisserie on eBay. With the extra metal I received with the rotisserie I was able to build end brackets that were more generic and will fit the Buick better. Once I am done with the rotisserie I will sell it so I needed to make it useful for other types of vehicles. I made an indexing wheel out of an old chain gear I had laying around. I can rotate and lock the rotisserie at 15 increments.

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The interior and exterior have been gutted. Before mounting on the rotisserie the rear body mounts and trunk panels have to reinforced and replaced.

Daisy 021 Daisy 022 Daisy 023 Daisy 024

New panels were fabricated and welded in. Along with the trunk panels parts of the rear quarter panels had to be repaired. These patches were left longer neccessary and will be trimmed when the rust rear panel under the trunk is fabricated.

Daisy 025 Daisy 026 Daisy 027 Daisy 028

The rear panel under the trunk lid was badly rusted so it was cut and a new one was fabricated from a piece of 18 gauge sheet metal. All of the panels in the trunk and the rear panel were welded in solid by connecting 1" stitch welds.

  Daisy 029 Daisy 030  

Fabricated and welded in new trunk tool pan. It's just spot welded into place for now, once the car is on the rotisserie I'll weld it solid from below so there won't be welds I can't get to and grind smooth.

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