In the beginning

This page has pictures of my 1937 Buick Special.

My next challenge, front door posts. I'll have to brace this area pretty good before I remove the body from the frame. When the front doors are opened they fall about 2 inches. The floor just inside of the door post areas are rusted out and flex from the weight of the doors.

Daisy 031 Daisy 032 Daisy 033 Daisy 034

Driver's side door post area.

Daisy 035 Daisy 036 Daisy 037 Daisy 038

Passenger's side door post area.

Daisy 039 Daisy 040

Bracing the front door posts for the rotisserie.

Daisy 041 Daisy 042 Daisy 043 Daisy 044

My son Andy and his friend Matt helped pulled the body off the frame and mount it on the rotisserie. It went very easy and I didn't get any flex so I must have braced the weak floor enough.

After mounting the body on the rotisserie I pressure washed the frame. There was a lot of caked on gunk on the differencial and front suspension parts. I didn't find any more bad spots on the frame, all of the rust damage seems to be confined to the front crossmember.

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