In the beginning

This page has pictures of my 1937 Buick Special.

After getting the body off of the frame I moved onto replacing the front center crossmember. The crossmember was completely rotted out.

Daisy 045 Daisy 046 Daisy 047 Daisy 048

Because the crossmember was inserted between two bulges in the frame I just couldn't remove the rivets and slide the piece out. Called in my neighbor to help brain storm an idea. He suggested cutting the front corner of the frame. This made for easy extraction of the crossmember.

I stripped the excess frame parts off of the '40 crossmember and test fit the "new" crossmember in the frame. Next I need to build up the top surface to match the original. I'll also have to rebuild the gussets the front motor mounts bolt to.

Daisy 049 Daisy 050 Daisy 051 Daisy 052

The replacement '40 crossmember in the front, the rusted out '37 in the back

The '40 with the built up filler pieces. First cardboard templates were made and transferred to 10 gauge sheet met. Three pieces were made for the front, top and back and were all welded in place.

Daisy 053 Daisy 054 Daisy 055 Daisy 056

The replacement '40 crossmember didn't have the center access hole to get to the radiator support bolt so the two slotted holes were welded up and the an access hole was cut.

The crossmember was temporaly bolted in with 3/8" bolts while the piece cut from the right frame rail was clamped into place.

The right frame rail was welded together on all three sides.

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