This site is dedicated to my small fleet of Bonus Built Ford trucks
and other pre-1960 trucks, trucks with "Fat Fenders
betsy This is my baby, a 1949 F-2 3/4 ton pickup. My dad bought this truck in 1969 to use in his auto repair business. I basically grew up in this truck in the late '60s, early '70s

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roger1 roger2
This is one of my truck projects. It's actually going to be two trucks in. I first bought the '51 F-4 in the spring of 2004. I later bought the '48 F-4, I am switching the '48 sheetmetal to the '51 chassis because I like the "Monkey Face" sheet metal better than the "Manure Grill".
panel1 panel2
I bought my original paneltruck, on the left, in 2000 and later bought the other paneltruck on the right, which is in a lot better condition, in 2006.
I didn't set out to find an old car, it kind of found me. I bought this car in September of 2009.
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