Ford Script Flatbed

I've told a few people that i have been working on detailed drawings of a Ford script flatbed. I started this drawing about a year or more ago but I haven't had the time to finish it. Thanks to our current economic situation I have a little more time on my hands. This drawing might not be exact, and I'm sure it has some mistakes that I will find and repair. I'll post revisions as i do them. I'll also try to post drawings of the stake hardware, when I get a chance.

I have a very complete bed on my F-4 and I've tried to do a detailed drawing of the bed. These drawings are for a 9 foot bed but you can adjust it for a 8 and 12 foot bed. I'll post some line drawings from the ford literature I have to give you an idea of sizes of the other beds offered.

I have the drawings in both .dwg (autocad) and .pdf formats:

Click on one of the links below to bring up a drawing in a new window.

.dwg drawing

You will need a drawing program to read this file. You can get a free program from AutoDesk by clicking


.pdf drawings

You will need a reader program to read this file. You can get a free program from Adobe by clicking

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  These images are for reference. You should be able to customized the above drawing to fit the size of the bed you need for your truck by adjusting the distances between the stake side uprights and placement of stake side pockets.

6 foot bed F-1 bed
NOTE: The F-1 bed does not have metal stake side uprights, it has wooden uprights. To see a reproduction bed click HERE.
F-2 & F-3
7 foot bed F-2& F3 bed

F-4 through F-6
9&12 foot bed F-4 through F-6 bed

Thanks to Truckdog for the above images.
Parts identification and placement
flatbed drawing


last updated on April 6, 2009