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These are pictures of trucks that were either sent to me, I took myself or that I have found on the internet. As you can tell, I am partial to the fat fendered Ford from 1948 to 1952, but I like all pre mid-seventy vehicles. Please send me pictures of your truck and I will try to post them as soon as possible.

If any of these pictures belong to you and you want them removed please let me know.

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F2 and F1 50sleeper Bud's '51 Tim's '48

My F-2 next to a F-1

My F-2 next to a F-8 tractor with factory sleeper
See story in middle of page

1951 owned by Charles Glendening

1948 owned by Tim Zellmer

1948 F-1 green Strack's F-1 Jack's F-2

1948 F-1

Green 1950 F-2

1948 F-1 owned by
Don Strack

1950 F-2 owned by
Jack Brown

Tom's F-2 Duane's F-1 Tom's F-2 Tom's F-2

1951 F-1

1948 F-1 owned by
Duane Randle

1949 F-2 owned by
Tom Drennen

1951 F-1

1949 Panel Roza'a Panel 49panel stretchedpanel

1949 Panel

Aalbrecht and Brigitte Roza
from the Netherlands

1949 F-1 panel

Stretched 1950 panel

  Bokath's Panel Connie's dad's  

1948 Panel owned by
Scott Bokath

1940 Panel owned by
Connie Nygaard's dad


Below are pictures from the annual Sussex Antique Power Show and Thresheree held in Sussex, Wisconsin on August 24-25, 2002. This is an annual show held every August.

Conrad McGinnis '51 F-1 Ed Wistl '50 F-5 Mark Olson '49 8N 8N with a flat V8

1951 F-1 owned by
Conrad McGinnis

1950 owned by Ed Wistl
Powered by a 505 Caddy engine

1949 8N owned by
Mark Olson

8N with a home built early flathead V-8 conversion.


The following four pictures are of a few trucks I saw at the Arthritis Foundation show in Dublin,Ohio on July 6, 2002. This was a very good show that is held every year for a good cause.

Arthritis Foundation

'50 next to '51 '48 F-1 
two tone '51 Slammed '56

1951 F-1 and vintage sprint car owned by
Jere Burns next to
Jack Brown's '50 F-2

1948 owned by Frank and Sharon Hoover

1951 F-1 I saw in the parking lot as I left the show.

Slammed 1956 Ford panel truck-Sorry I didn't get the name of the owner.

Rare Birds
50 Ford F-8 with factory sleeper

1950 F-8 with factory sleeper owned by
John Dupius
Click on the picture to read a description of this truck.

50 Ranger 50 Ranger South African Ford 1952 Marmon-Herrington

Very rare 1950 Marmon-Harrington Ranger and Marmon Harrington F-1 pickup. Both of these trucks are restored and owned by Chuck Mantiglia of Chuck's Trucks of Hamden, Connecticut. http://www.chuckstrucksllc.com

Rare South African built 1949 F-1

This picture of a 1952 Ranger with a Marmon-Herrington conversion was sent in by Mark Mossell

Big Rigs
Walt Jackson's truck 50f6 1950farm truck 49mh

1950 F-6 owned by
Walt Jackson

1950 F-6 Semi tractor

1950 F-5 Farm Truck

1949 F-5 Marmon-Harrington conversion

1948 F-6 wrecker 1948 F-6 wrecker 50mh wrecker

1948 F-5 Marmon-Harrington conversion

1948 F-5 tow truck owned by Roger Grinold

1950 F-7 Marmon-Harrington tow truck

1948 F-8 tow truck

1952 F-8 1948 COE cement mixer 1949 COE 1948 COE

1952 F-8 owned by
Pekka Nyman of Finland

1948 COE Cement Mixer owned by Bob Macquoid

1950 COE

1948 F-5 COE

Morison schoolbus 1952 F-6 Australian Bus

1949 F-5 Dump
owned by Jeff Morison

1948 School bus
owned by Sopp

1952 F-6

1949 Australian bus

Something Different
mercury Mercury UTE 1948 Car Truck conversion mercury

Mercury stake truck owned by Stewart Darr

Mercury UTE

1948 Car Truck

Jeff Robinson's COE pickup


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