I visit a few internet sites with discussion boards and I have found many of the participants of the boards don't know how to post pictures on the boards. Many times posting a picture along with a question on the boards is very useful in clarifying a question. Also, it's nice to see what the person is talking about. In my case I like to see the truck the person is talking about.

Below is the step by step procedures to post on the Ford Barn and the Ford Truck Enthusiasts' sites. The Ford Barn and FTE use a common board formats so these steps should be able to used on many other sites.

First the image you want to post has to be already posted on the internet somewhere. Many sites with discussion boards have galleries that you can upload pictures to(This will be discussed below). You can also upload your images on websites that will allow you to do it for free like PhotoBucket, do web search for a "free image host". You can also use the precedure below to use images from current web sites. Make sure the web sites you are posting images from will allow you to do so or they may get upset if the image is copy righted.

There are two basic discussion Boards that are used by most of the internet discussion boards I visit. The first is a simple board that is basically a list of questions and answers. If a new post is made the board does not bring the new insertion to the top. The Ford Barn uses this type of board. It is a very basic board and does not give you chance to review your message before final post but you can still insert images in your posts.

The second kind is a more complex and bring all new posts to the top of the list. This board also gives you a chance to review your message before final posting.

Click on the type of discussion board below that you want to post on to bring up instructions in a separate window.

If you want to visit the Ford Barn or the FTE site click on the links above the images.


Last updated on January 1, 2007